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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrolling Services

NVC Security is a leading provider of mobile patrolling in Derby. This service provides a highly visible but cost-effective solution to securing your business. Randomly timed patrols of your property or premises are carried out.

Patrols can work alongside other services, such as our key holding and alarm response services for a comprehensive safety package.

Visible Deterrent For Would Be Intruders

Patrolling revolves around having a physical and imposing presence for your site, building or premises.

A visible range of vehicles and highly trained and skilled staff in recognizable attire deliver precision, accuracy and attention to detail as standard. This helps to ensure that every corner is protected as regular reviews are performed.

Unlike manned guarding, mobile patrols are 100% mobile. In the majority of cases, a manned service will involve a base for personnel to report to once patrolling is complete. A dedicated arrangement takes this away, with an officer’s role to check another site or area before returning.

This results in a cheaper service as you only for patrolling time only, rather than the whole night as some companies like to.

Perimeter Checking

As one of Derby’s top security companies, we understand that keeping premises safe is something that should never be taken for granted.

That’s an ethic instilled into each of one of our staff members, too. Patrols are primarily deployed to effectively ensure safety. Every officer we employ has a wealth of experience, with many of them carrying out vigilance as military personnel.

Drawing on the experience of some of the toughest and most hostile environments, tactical checks are planned out and executed with the greatest of meticulousness and efficiency.

Comprehensive Checking Procedure

Particularly adept when it comes to dramatically decreasing the risk of vandalism, burglaries and theft, patrolling has been implemented into surveillance strategies by a whole host of companies and units.

An extended range of tasks comes into play. Mobile is so much more than simply looking for intruders. Alongside invader control, teams check over CCTV and other surveillance equipment in working order, signs of property breach, locks, doors and windows, switched on lights, health and safety and firefighting equipment is in a suitable condition.

These services aren’t confined to empty properties, either. Our teams can protect employees in the event of a key holder being required to attend alarm activation and carry out accompanied visits to meet contractors or visitors and take deliveries out of hours.

They can even carry out simple locking and unlocking of buildings if that is all that is required.

Securing Your Property

Mobile patrols are perfect for smaller businesses and organisations that have a large portfolio of buildings to secure. Using NVC’s expertise and hands-on approach to delivering the perfect setup, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re covered against anything at all times of the day.

All of our clients are provided with ‘Protected by NVC Security’ warning signs to attach to their premises and help deter potential wrongdoers even further. You’ll also receive an electronic report regarding the checks made at intervals set by you so you can see exactly what is happening, even when you’re not around.

So if you’re looking for a mobile services in Derby then please get in touch on 01332 806996 for your free survey and quote.


Discover how we can help you secure your business, property, assets, site or event.
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Discover how we can help you secure your business, property, assets, site or event.
Simply request a free, no obligation quote from our team of security experts now.

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